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DXC Technology 600 Race Report

“I thought for sure tonight was the night we were going to pull the DHL car into victory lane and get some cowboy hats. It wasn’t meant to be, unfortunately. I think leading that much maybe put us in a position where we were pitting a lap or two early and then that kind of […]

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DXC Technology 600 Qualifying Report

“Overall, the run was pretty good, I think. We put a good 28 DHL Honda out there today. We have a lot more speed than we had at Indy, and I’m definitely happy about that. We need to just focus on the race from here – hopefully have a good race car tomorrow night, make […]

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Detroit Grand Prix: Race 2 Report

“Somehow toward the end we picked up a puncture or leak and were losing pressure on the right rear. Then we had to stop for the red flag and the more you sit still, the quicker it deflates – it really dumped out on that red and was pretty much dead flat after the race. […]

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Detroit Grand Prix: Race 1 Report

“Today was kind of a mess. We had a braking issue which made it challenging. I don’t know why, but they were pulling hard left. So, I was a wounded duck out there in the wet. Then I had some contact with Sato, he got under me and kind of ran wide. But, all in […]

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