Racing For Cancer

Racing For Cancer

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Racing For Cancer, Inc, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, was formed to unite motorsports fans around the world to help those afflicted with cancer and to promote early detection and prevention initiatives that support the global fight against cancer.

Their Mission:

Simply, to help Beat Cancer!

Their Goal:

To unite motorsports fans, racing organizations, drivers, and sponsors, to direct our collective generosity in support of the global fight against cancer. We focus our support towards (1) Early detection and prevention, and (2) efforts to help raise awareness and support of fighting childhood cancer.

Their Motto:

“Helping Pick Up the Pace…One Fan at a Time!” We commit 100% of our net proceeds raised through various fundraising programs to (1) promote and launch early detection and prevention initiatives, and (2) promote awareness and the eradication of childhood cancer. We will also partner to support various marketing efforts to aid in the global cancer awareness campaign.

We are indeed “helping pick up the pace” to advance the fight against cancer and have been blessed with very generous support since we began in 2010. We provide support to people in need, but to do more, we need your support! Your financial support will enable us to put a smile on a young child battling cancer today, support a family in need, and indeed, god willing, provide support for larger efforts to help eradicate childhood cancer. Nearly 1/3 of all cancers is said to be preventable! In addition, 1 in every 300 children will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 19 and cancer is the #1 cause of disease-related death among children. We can and must do more. Please click on our individual or corporate donation pages and do your part to help us pick up the pace! Thank you in advance for your generous support. #beatcancer!

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