GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma Race Report

“I don’t know what happened on the start, but [our lane] didn’t go and I got jumped by three or four cars there. It was kind of a mess. We were just in recovery mode from there, trying to get back up where we started. We made some setup changes before the race that didn’t work out. Often in this sport it’s trial and error, and we found what didn’t work today. Disappointing finish to the race but all in all, looking at where we were in the championship points leaving Indy, to finish ninth in the championship, we clawed our way back many, many spots. But, we’re here to win races, win championships and we’ve certainly had our fair share of misfortune this year but there’s also a lot we could have done better. We’ll have to put all that together and hopefully have a little bit better luck next year and be a stronger overall effort.”

The sun has set on another year of American open-wheel competition as the Verizon IndyCar Series championship has come to a close at Sonoma Raceway.

  • Started 7th // Finished 8th
  • Championship: 9th (421 pts.)
  • Of Note: Recorded eight top-10 finishes this season, today’s result moved the American driver up one position in the points standings.

With the IndyCar stable locked in for the coming season, 2018 starts now.

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